Wednesday, September 26, 2007


On Columbia and All Things Dictator

Columbia Still Reeling Over Visit - New York Times: "“President Bollinger was caustic in his criticism of Ahmadinejad, but anything else would have been inappropriate and troubling,” said Ms. Steinberger, of Teaneck, N.J. “Bollinger repeatedly said that his invitation in no way represented a condoning of Ahmadinejad’s worldviews and policies, and yesterday he proved that.” Columbia’s provost, Alan Brinkley, said the controversy “was of a magnitude we hadn’t seen before.” "

Prior to his appearance, I had not come to any passionate stance on Mamoud's mic'd lectern. I could see from both sides. If I were Jewish, a soldier, or an Iranian-American, this would be a terrible slap in the face. If I were an academic or someone who just hated the Bush Administration, I could see where this may seem instructive. I am not so sure about the free speech argument as I am not sure it was truly meant to extend to non-citizens, but we seem to have always allowed it that way. That point notwithstanding, I just wanted to hear Ahmadinejad try to make sense of his beliefs. He simply could not. As the event began, I was relieved by Columbia's President Bollinger's remarks. Though I understood that they may have and probably did result from political pressure, I was still glad that he was saying what he was saying. For one, it is the truth. For another, the young people who were getting ready to listen to the tyrant speak needed to be aware that he is indeed a tyrant. So, after it all, when I went to the news channels to see the post-speech reaction, you can imagine my surprise at MSNBC's saying that this introduction was "unwelcoming" and in bad taste. I have rarely seen, and did not that day, harsh words be much of a silencer of speech, especially with heads of state who are adept at dealing with such things. Mamoud still had plenty of time to ramble, lie, and woo the audience. Was not the invitation welcome enough for a man who condones the stoning of women and aids in the deaths of American soldiers?

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself...

Elation: UK 40 - UofL 34 • Cat Scratches - FOX Sports Blogs: "For the first time in 30 years, UK beat a top-10 ranked team by dispatching their arch-rival, the University of Louisville Cardinal, 40-34... Tonight, I'm going to go get BLEEP drunk. FYI, when the victory was decided after Brohm's pass, I felt like I had an orgasm. Be safe Cat fans. Don't burn Lexington down."

The University of Kentucky has a great sports history, but until last year, it had never been in football. In fact, we looked at football schools as if there must be something wrong with these people who got excited about college sports a couple of months too early. Now, here we are, Kentucky fans far and wide, talking about football using sexual metaphors. Who knew? It's a great day to be a Cat's fan! Go Blue!!

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