Monday, January 29, 2007


"Genius" Should Always Be Rouded Out by Human and Flawed

Trove of letters shows Einstein's human side - Los Angeles Times: "In fact, according to Walter Isaacson, former managing editor of Time magazine and author of a forthcoming biography, Einstein in 1915 was 'awesomely human.'"

The article is a must read. I often say this, but my small snippet and response is not nearly enough. In fact, we should probably all read the book on which the article is based. I know my blog has very obvious themes. I have recurring themes in my life too. I think we all do. Literary terms like themes, foreshadowing and others, all come from life, but can be written in masterful and ugly ways. I was struck by that as a kid learning the basics of literature. As I have gotten older (not much, but some), I have learned to appreciate humanity, the genius, only if you understand the flaws. Genius is really no fun, not interesting, without them. It turns out that Einstein was just a man. What a wonderful discovery!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Who Knew?

Damned Lies and Statistics: Is the Vatican a Rogue State? - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News: "The Vatican's attorney general Nicola Picardi released the astounding statistic at the start of 2007: The tiny nation's justice department in 2006 had to contend with 341 civil and 486 criminal cases. In a population of 492, that measures out to 1.5 cases per person -- twenty times the corresponding rate in Italy.
By this measurement at least, crime is soaring in the Vatican in spite of a security force that would put a police state to shame. The seat of the Catholic Church has one Swiss guard for every four citizens, not to mention museum guards and police assigned to the Vatican by Italy."

Really? Per person, more than any other state or union in the world? That's funny. Benedict's response, however, elicits more than a muted giggle: ""Let us pray," he said, "for the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary."" Isn't it in the very core of Catholicism that you ask for such protection, and have been asking for centuries? How does this appeal differ? The delusional always garner a laugh.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Blog Review: Service member in Iraq

Life in Iraq: "The way back is as much psychological and emotional as it is physical. We go, the parts of me, body, mind, and heart, like a sad parade. Body first, heart last. It being dragged behind like an untrained puppy. Soon he will again sleep and become easier to carry around."

As someone who would like to be a better writer, this Captain reminds me of just how far I have to go. This Captain in Iraq, from a small Central California town, is now being hosted by the Fresno Bee. It was just started in December, so there are only a few posts, but I hope that people will support him by reading his blog. There is no political reference, and really ammunition for both sides in his account. This should be read for an understanding of what is being experienced right now, by one man.

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