Friday, October 12, 2007


What Year is This?

They love to do their homework -- "This fall, the internationally known seminary -- a century-old training ground for Southern Baptists -- began reinforcing those traditional gender roles with college classes in homemaking. The academic program, open only to women, includes lectures on laundering stubborn stains and a lab in baking chocolate-chip cookies. Philosophical courses such as 'Biblical Model for the Home and Family' teach that God expects wives to graciously submit to their husbands' leadership. A model house, to be completed by next fall, will allow women to get credit toward bachelor's degrees by learning how to set tables, sew buttons and sustain lively dinnertime conversation."

I wonder if the wife has to "graciously submit" to beatings when the she "gets out of hand"? Is that what God meant? Couldn't it be seen that way? Does the wife have to "graciously submit" to an allowance? This is wrong in so many ways. This should gain the ire of everyone. It is indeed a free country. This is just a bad way to exhibit shackling yourself to your husband through your education.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Iraqis divided by constitution's treatment of women - Los Angeles Times

Iraqis divided by constitution's treatment of women - Los Angeles Times: "Edwar said her organization had appealed for help from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) but had not received a reply to a letter it sent in May."

Read this article. It is terribly interesting as it highlights some of the very complex problems with early governance. I still firmly support this war, so this does not at all deter me from my original beliefs, but tells of how, even with models of "best practices", there are still questions as to how to treat women. Many in the West think that this is a long solved issue, but this article proves that, even as this body can look to the West for guidance, they can also choose not to see what is right there in front of them. Pelosi should be active as should our male legislators and other leaders as this is a major issue. One way this will come back and bite us is in making Iraq seem, and quite frankly be, backward to western nations. It is hard to think of a contemporary society, a Democracy, where it is still lawful to stone a woman to death. This will hamper the country's ability to do business, and will reap a greater cultural divide than is healthy as they begin to rebuild. That isn't the best reason. The best reason not to enforce Sharia law on women is that it is inhumane and disgusting, but clearly that opinion is not shared. Again, this is something our country should be negotiating on behalf of all of the women of that country.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Another Very Simple Answer

News for Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa: "He says, “At Roosevelt we have young Democrats club, we have the young Republicans club and they were asking for a young Socialists club and so I saw it as an equity issue and the students talked to me about some of the things they were going to research and I also saw it as an educational club.” "

Kids should be encouraged, as it seems they are, to explore most anything. I am nothing like I was in high school, and many people aren't. They learn more. They change their minds, and get smarter. To try and stifle their ability to have a socialist group just makes no sense. Just let the kids gather, learn, explore, and speak freely. That is the best part of school.


Free Speech Even For Speech You Don't Like

CSU newspaper editor keeps job, admonished for profanity : Breaking News : Boulder Daily Camera: "CSU newspaper editor keeps job, admonished for profanity"

I am not loving the way this young kid decided to express himself either, but this is rather simple. He has both the right to feel this way and to say this. We should be looking to protect the least admired speech. That is the truest test of our freedom.

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