Saturday, November 06, 2004


Adult Tantrums

Yahoo! News - Front Page: "On Election Day, 36% of John Kerry's supporters told exit pollsters that they weren't so much voting for their guy as voting against President Bush. In contrast, only about 14% of Bush's backers said the same of Kerry."

Adult tantrums of "We don't like him" were not enough. You have to have more going for you than the utter dislike of your opponent. It might've helped if Kerry actually knew how to put into words his core beliefs. There were times in this campaign that I didn't think he had any core beliefs. Another problem was that he just simply was not genuine about much at all. I got a response on a listserv from a faithful of his after the concession speech saying they wished he had been that real on the trail. It was the first time he looked truly himself. I was glad to see a follower of his notice that, because I certainly did. It was Bob Dole all over again as far as I was concerned.

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