Thursday, November 18, 2004


A Bit More of the Truth

MSNBC - Clarke: CIA had low-level spies inside al-Qaida: "Several times in the 1990s the Pentagon was asked to �snatch� terrorism suspects overseas, but the main message to the White House from uniformed military leadership was that they did not want to do this, Clarke said."

Doesn't it sound like, even from a slanted MSNBC piece, that the Clinton Administration was scared of facing our enemies? Isn't it also interesting that Clinton is never referred to by name, nor Albright, who was a vocal dove throughout her tenure (and to this day)?
It is nice to know that we had at least some operatives inside Al Quaeda, at any level. There should be some insight from those agents. It also gives me faith that the system wasn't as screwed up as it seemed, although the CIA clearly needs to be cleaned up. Goss seems to be upsetting just enough people to prove to me that he is cleaning house.

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