Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Bunning Wins!!

WSJ.com - Democrats Face Uphill Battle In Mostly Bush-Friendly States: "GOP Sen. Jim Bunning succeeded in a tough race for a new term in Kentucky, and the party picked up an open seat in South Carolina."

One night while I was working at a Kentucky Country Club while in high school, I saw the man I had been campaigning for while a member of Young Republicans. I nervously went up to Bunning and nearly whispered a request for him to sign one of his campaign bumper stickers. He grumbled, sighed, signed the sticker, and then reminded me that he was trying to have a private dinner with his family. I apologized profusely, thinking to myself that I had a lot to learn about how to approach powerful people. I had only worked there for a few weeks.
A couple of weeks later, his wife Mary and I spoke again, and I mentioned how embarassed I was about interrupting their dinner, how I did not intend to upset her husband. She turned to me and said, "Oh honey, he is always cranky when he gets back from Washington." A couple of months later, Jim and Mary warmly greeted me and my Dad at a campain fundraiser. It meant a great deal to us. I was a huge fan back then, and continue to be one today. I am more than a bit relieved that the majority (admittedly slim) of Kentuckians did not let Mongiardo's dirty campaign prevail. Jim, Mary, and family, my warmest regards and a hearty congratulations.

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