Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Buy Rummy a Pen

'With deepest sympathy' - The Washington Times: Commentary - November 24, 2004: "Two Pentagon-based colonels, who've both insisted on anonymity to protect their careers, have indignantly reported that the SecDef has relinquished this sacred duty to a signature device rather than signing the sad documents himself. "

While the rest of this commentary is bitter drivel, this part caught my eye. As someone who reads the obituaries from my hometown everyday, and sends notes or flowers to friends whose loved ones have passed, I can assure you that there are few times in one's life that they appreciate a small bit of genuine care like they do a a passing. A friend of mine sent flowers to my grandfather's funeral, and it made me think that this was a great way to let people know you truly care (tend to be self-centered and cranky, they might not know I like 'em). A penned signature is not too much to ask.

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