Thursday, November 18, 2004


Couldn't Have Been Convinced

News | network: "Renegade Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish has once again enraged members of the opposition and her own caucus after tossing a George W. Bush doll on the floor and grinding it under her heel on a satirical television show.
Incensed Conservative MPs demanded that Ms. Parrish -- who last year referred to Americans as 'bastards' and more recently likened the U.S. war effort in Iraq to 'a coalition of the idiots' -- be banished from the Liberal caucus for her anti-American outburst."

Are these the idiots that the liberals are mad that we didn't wait for? Was this woman ever going to evangelize the American cause, or is it more likely that she has had a consistent dislike of what we stand for, much like the enemy themselves?

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