Monday, November 01, 2004


Election Eve Wish

“What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.” –Edward Langley

Tonight does feel like an eve, like Christmas Eve. I am anxious and excited for it to be over. I hope to get a good present (or two), and no coal in my stocking. Too bad we don’t cook big meals for Election Day. A pie sounds good right about now. While CB is obviously supportive of the President, and more than a bit hopeful for a landslide victory, I must make a commentary on how I hope to behave should Kerry prevail. I intend to support whoever wins this election. After watching bitterness draw lines through the middle of our citizenry over the last few years, I hope to be the start of those who have learned from the poor behavior of the past. There is a right and a duty to stand against injustice and misuse of power, but not because those in power have it, but because they are actually misusing it. My hope is that we can find a way to support the winner as if he’s your man, because in the end, he will be. But, then again, the name of the blog is Cranky Bastard.

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