Monday, November 29, 2004


Giving the World (as a Spectator) Very Little Credit - U.S. & World - Annan 'Very Disappointed' With Son: "Annan 'Very Disappointed' With Son"

Is this even a serious comment? Are we collectively to believe that he didn't know about any of this? Isn't it reasonable for the world community to say that either he was a star player in one of the biggest financial scandals of all time, or even more egregiously had the biggest financial scandal going on under his nose without even a whiff of despicable behavior? Either way, I cannot yet imagine what rationalizations we will be fed about why this man should keep his post. It seems from this vantage point that Kofi and his team should take the Dan Rather model. Another issue is who would succeed him. I say we reserve judgement. We should be looking for a pro-American, pro-democracy, ethically strong person who likely would not be an American. To have an American at the helm gets everyone yelling that we run the world. We, instead, should just encourage a leader who will judiciously oversee the organization, and holds similar values to that of most Americans. Maybe an Israeli or a Brit or an Aussie, etc. Annan out, ethics in!

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