Tuesday, November 23, 2004


How Can We Possibly Support You When You Say Things Like That?

Israel: Caterpillar Should Suspend Bulldozer Sales (Human Rights Watch, 22-11-2004): "Caterpillar Inc., the U.S.-based heavy-equipment company, should immediately suspend sales of its powerful D9 bulldozer to the Israeli army, Human Rights Watch said today. As Human Rights Watch documented in a recent report, the Israeli military uses the D9 as its primary weapon to raze Palestinian homes, destroy agriculture and shred roads in violation of the laws of war."

When I first heard years ago that there was an organization that fought for human rights all over the globe, I was enthralled. I wanted to be a part of that at all costs. I had been learning about injustices, and any group that brought attention to those obviously important issues deserved my support...until I started to look at what Human Rights Watch stood for.
In this press release from today, they are suggesting that Caterpillar should not sell bulldozers to Israel, because they are used to tear down suicide bomber's and terrorist's homes in the Palestinian Territory. Why instead aren't we asking those rogue states in cahoots with the PA to stop selling the materials for suicide bomb vests? If I were to compare the two, a suicide bomber is a much bigger threat to human rights than a bulldozer taking down a house.
This writing is actually an appeal to my readers. I would like to find a human rights organization that is less liberal, utilizes common sense in their approach and support that is a national organization. I would be pleased to research any referrals.

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