Thursday, November 11, 2004


Insight Into the Shuttlesworth Story

Cincinnati Black Blog: "A hugh issue within the organization was the issue of gay rights. On one side is Rev. Shuttlesworth who is against equating gay rights with civil rights. On the other side is Mrs. King who is for linking the two movements. (I talked to Mrs. King's personal assistant a few weeks ago and he was smearing Rev. Shuttlesworth and his position on gay rights.) You can't raise money among Christians, white or Black, while advocating gay rights - which is seen as anti-Biblical.
But it wasn't just finances, dysfunctional leadership, and ideological differences with Mrs. King that did Rev. Shuttlesworth in, it was the issue of political involvement and dedication to organizing mass movements.
Rev. Shuttlesworth is a big-time Democrat. (When John Edwards came to Cincinnati, he stood on the stage with him.) As the cited Post story above says, Rev. Shuttlesworth was 'displeased' with the SCLC's lack of action after the 2000 Presidential election. I know Rev. Shuttlesworth and I can tell you, at 82, this man has more spirit and energy than most people half his age. "

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