Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Kudlow Has Made Me a Laffer Fan Over the Last Few Years Too

Larry Kudlow on George W. Bush Tax Reform. Glenn Hubbard, Arthur Laffer, & John Snow on NRO Financial: "According to people close to the White House, current CEA chairman Greg Mankiw will be returning to his teaching post at Harvard come January. This leaves a key slot open in the Bush economic high command. The president would be well served by appointing Art Laffer to that post. Formerly a close advisor to President Reagan, Laffer has been a senior advisor to businesses and financial institutions for more than three decades. His hands-on real-world experience would greatly benefit the White House staff as they tackle tough questions on tax and Social Security reform. Laffer would also serve as a key liaison to Wall Street, where he is highly regarded as a prescient forecaster and strong communicator. "

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