Friday, November 12, 2004


Listen to Pat, You'll Learn Someting

WorldNetDaily: The left still doesn't get it: "...the shocking night of Nov. 2-3 appears to have unhinged much of the American Left. "

Unhinged puts it lightly, at least when it comes to those most vocal. Pat Buchanan does a great job in this piece of arguing the point for the conservatives, but some conservatives have eyed him with a wrinkled brow as of late. Pat rubbed some of us wrong with his book, his calls for unabashed protectionism, and his near daily appearance on Chris Matthew's show as their token conservative as he agreed with all of the liberals. He is further proof that this party has an absolutely colossal tent. But the more important point is that we want him in our party, even with the views that so worry me and others. Why? Pat Buchanan is a truly brilliant man. There are few people that have had so much face time with so many presidents and can say that they were ring-side for some of history's greatest events. He is a historical and political genius, and we should not be too quick to cast him aside, but rather listen intently as he shares his experiences and his more quirky beliefs all the same.

Buchanan seems to be much more of an isolationist as compared to the Bush administration. Many of his opinions on the Iraqi War have matched those of liberals.
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