Thursday, November 04, 2004



NEWSWEEK ELECTION ISSUE: 'How He Did It': "Managing Teresa. Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, presented a host of behind-the-scenes drama for Kerry. Early on, the campaign staff regarded Teresa as something of a hypochondriac, and she canceled three trips in October at the last minute, usually for what was described to aides as a 'nonspecific malady.' Kerry's first campaign manager, James Jordan, had little patience for her strong opinions, sending emails trashing the candidate's wife...which inevitably reached his rivals within the campaign, including Bob Shrum (an old Teresa friend) and helped seal Jordan's eventual dismissal."

Would the media have helpd back on stuff like this if it had been the First Lady and not Teresa? Why is the public just now getting the dirt, and would we have ever gotten it if he had won?

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