Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Not Purely Partisan

This is another reason why I am such a fan of Larry Kudlow's. Today, Kudlow and Cramer had on John Thune, Senator-Elect from South Dakota. He is viewed as the Republican darling, much like Barack Obama for the other side. In Thune's case, he is all the more popular, because he was David to Daschle's Goliath. Anyway, Cramer asked Thune about his views on drug reimportation. Thune was candid about his belief that this (somehow) is good for competition among pharmas, and good for the consumer. After his description of his belief, Larry, often seen as a pure partisan, respectfully disagreed. He and Thune both grinned that okay, okay, let's move on grin, and on they moved. I just thought it prudent to note, because it is moments like these that people do not pay enough attention to when they describe conservatives. We don't all agree, yet we are patient with our differences and can generally move beyond them to find common ground.

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