Monday, November 15, 2004


Note to Insurgents: Don't Play Dead

Yahoo! News - NBC Says Marine Shot Dead Wounded Iraqi Prisoner: "NBC Says Marine Shot Dead Wounded Iraqi Prisoner"

This story is awful, but my initial reaction to it was rooting for the American. This idiot had been shooting at our guys from a mosque, and then faked being dead so he wouldn't be killed. If someone had been trying to kill me, it would be hard for me to turn off that adrenaline and become a humanitarian a few minutes later. One could also wonder whether the soldier thought this guy might get up, grab a gun and take a few of the Americans in the room out. It is on tape, but violent enough that NBC can't show it. I understand that if the tables were turned, I would be appalled that someone would kill an American soldier in cold blood after being taken into cutody, but I also realize that I am just as capable as anyone else to have conflicted feelings when it comes to war. I can only imagine the rush of adrenaline and fear that these guys have to try to control day after day. I applaud them for even wanting to go into the service to begin with. With all of the reporters over there, we are clear that this is uncommon, and I would like for us to leave it alone.
Another quick note: Kevin Sites, the reporter who was there and reported on it, is a former CNN guy, and is pretty consistently liberal. I only mention it, because one might think him to be eager to report on US misdeeds to feed the anti-war crowd back home.

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