Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Rich Lowry on George W. Bush & Media on National Review Online

Rich Lowry on George W. Bush & Media on National Review Online: "This is how the media would write the story of George Bush's second term if they had their way:

Washington, D.C. � President Bush announced that former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle would be his new White House counsel, in a move interpreted as part of an effort to reach out to Democrats. The Bush team has abandoned its euphoria over a victory that had the president winning a higher percentage of the popular vote than the last three Democrats elected to the White House, and instead reconciled itself to the reality that in a polarized political environment, elevating partisan enemies and encouraging internal critics is the only way to govern effectively."

Finally, someone has put together the idiotic calls from the press and liberal pundits. Nearly all of it directly clashes with common sense, and there is no one better to wrap it up, put a bow on top, than Rich Lowry.

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