Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Scheer's Madness

The U.N. Deserves an Apology: "Some Americans like to talk as if the U.N. exists merely for the convenience of the Third World, forgetting that it was the United States that fought to create an inclusive international forum to help restrain mankind's new ability to destroy itself."
Bob Scheer uses his editorial space on election day to sing the praises of the UN. While I am a fan of the concept, and even its practical uses, let me remind Bob that the UN is mostly the US. We provide the greatest number of troops and the greatest amount of money. I agree that it serves many great humanitarian purposes, and that the people who advocate pullout are alarmists who haven't really thought the whole thing through. When America is the greatest donor into the program, and the one that takes the biggest beating from other members, an apology to the UN means effectively an apology to ourselves. Without us, there is no UN. We thought of it, we fund it, and, so to apologize to it, would be silly.

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