Monday, November 22, 2004


Silent Reality

What Cosby Should Say ( "Cosby's chastisement places the responsibility much nearer home. And it engenders a fear that his words will reduce the white guilt that many think is necessary to enact and fund programs to help blacks move toward racial parity. "

It is not that white folk did not realize this all along, but rather, that political correctness and polite society kept them from discussing it. What Cosby has done, in reality, regardless of who was in the room with him when he said it, is open the national floor for discussion. Thank God! It is long overdue for all of us, black and white, to converse without fear of being called racist or worse. Everyone has a stake in economically disadvantaged whites and blacks pulling themselves out of the awful predicaments they find themselves in to a better life. Now maybe, we can stop the charade and just talk. Chances are, the funding will come regardless.

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