Saturday, November 06, 2004


The Snobbery That Got Them There

Those Who Voted for Bush May Be In for a Big Surprise: "Now Bush is preparing to repay your efforts by moving immediately on your highest priorities: a flat tax and privatizing Social Security. Oh, wait. You didn't particularly hanker for those things, did you? "

What this writer fails to get is that those voters, many of them, did want tax and Social Security reform. This guy is now under the very popular liberal belief that all heartland voters are stupid. While the vast majority did not graduate from top twenty b-schools, many of them do understand that government is too big and that it shouldn't be so difficult to pay taxes. Some of these folks may also understand that Congress cannot continue to use Social Security savings as a piggy bank forever, and that individuals may rather invest that money in the stock market than gamble it away in Washington. Give these people more credit. They may just actually deserve it.

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