Tuesday, November 16, 2004


So You Don't Like That He's Loyal?

Since when is loyalty a bad thing? Why is it that liberals feel comfortable calling this President to the carpet for such an obviously good quality? I heard Jonathon Alter say today that the President will be hurt by not having dissension at the State Department. If the tables were turned, the Democrats would be getting rid of any conservative voices too. He is reasonably trying to get rid of obstructionists so he can get his agenda through. It will make us look more together to foreigners, and that, of all things, should please the Democrats.
The loyalty that the President is showing those people who have shown it in return is a quality that will go down in history as one of his greatest strengths. It would be unwise to listen to this administration's constant detractors when it comes to effective team-building. Taking first-term White House aides and granting them cabinet posts shows proper and effective leadership, and that is coming from someone who knows a little something about building teams. I hope that the liberals learn the lesson to not ridicule this President for universally beloved qualities. That will inevitably come back and bite them.

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