Thursday, November 18, 2004


Stop Asking. The Answer Hasn't Changed

MSNBC - No Way Out?: "Iraq can�t defend itself if U.S. troops leave. That�s why no one should believe White House promises to bring the soldiers home soon"

What White House promises is Dickey referring to? All I have heard the White House say for a year and a half now is that American soldiers will come home when and only when Iraq is stable, peaceful and can defend herself. Over and over, we hear the media asking when American soldiers can come home like children on a long distance trip, are we there yet? Kids should get that if the motor is still running, they have not yet arrived. Similarly, journalists should actually listen to the answer that has been given approximately 450,000 times. Our men and women can come home when that country no longer needs us for security. That may be a long road, but it will be just as annoying as a long distance car ride if these journalists don't listen to the White House's answer.

The media should remember that Bush isn't Kerry. You can be assured that he'll stay on track.
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