Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Why is THIS Racial?

'Brawl' game score - The Washington Times: Commentary - November 30, 2004: " As a black American who takes pride in the way historical black sports heroes like Jackie Robinson or Michael Jordan helped ease social barriers and racial tensions, I feel not only outraged but downright wounded by the sight of black players who call themselves 'professionals' losing their cool in a fracas with a mostly-white crowd of overweight, out-of-shape sports fans, even when the fans' seats that cost more than I can afford. "

I really like Clarence, but why wouldn't he be wounded if it were white players? There would be an uproar starting with the word racist if a white person were to discuss race in this context, but no one cares that Clarence does it, even when race has nothing to do with the event itself. This is a matter of a lack of class that can and does happen in most all races. Clarence rightfully points out that Rush Limbaugh took his commentary too far, but I think Clarence is just as guilty of going too far.

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