Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Why Shouldn't Rumsfeld Lobby For Practical and Safe Legislation?

MSNBC - Rumsfeld denies working against intel changes: "Rumsfeld denies working against intel changes"

Why wouldn't we support him wanting to make sure his men and women were supported and protected by direct access to intelligence? He maintains that he was not trying to influence Congress, but I would hope that it would be more than just Duncan Hunter and a couple of others that seem to get that to add layers of bureaucracy in the name of appearing to answer the 9/11 family's call is reckless. Changes that are made should be well thought-out, and frankly, should be passed by the Secretary, as he is the foremost authority on such things. Because our press has such disdain for these people, we are prone to forgetting just how smart these people are. Rumsfeld has been working in official capacities at the highest levels of government for an extremely long time. Maybe we should at least request his opinion, if not yield to it.

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