Saturday, November 20, 2004


You Can't Buy Class at Macy's

I find myself a bit upset by the NBA Battle of the Idiots. While we are all clear that money and class do not go hand in hand, this is beyond the pale. Apparently Artest was consistently warned to watch his temper. Oops! He was trying to beat up the guy that threw a drink on him, but beat up the wrong guy. Oops! One of his teammates thought this an attack on his friend and jumped in to help. Oops!
Others seemed to just take this as a chance to throw a punch for no reason. To top the ignorance off, the public is supposed to be calmed by indefinite suspensions. Normally, I would not support making examples out of people in situations like this, but this situation seems particularly egregious. We just plain cannot allow professional players get away with beating up, randomly, on spectators. Make a statement with this to let other NBA players, other professional sports stars, spectators, and children who look up to them that this is absolutely inappropriate.

If you throw a bunch at most jobs, you get fired. Why not the same in pro sports?
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