Sunday, December 12, 2004


Aim to Kill or Maim?

ABC News: Yushchenko Aide Alleges 'KGB' Plot: "'I actually talked to [Yushchenko] in late July when getting messages from both Ukrainian and Russian ex-secret service agents saying there was a plot and poisoning is number one,' he said.
Rybachuk said the agents told Yushchenko the goal would not be to kill him but to make him an 'invalid' in order to knock him out of the campaign.
'We couldn't believe they would dare, but they did,' said Rybachuk. "

I just had the thought last night that people don't use poison to teach people a lesson, but rather to kill them. Seems I may have been wrong. This story suggests that they never meant to kill him, but just render him unable to run for office. If that is true, wouldn't they worry that he might get the sympathy vote? Maybe it never occurred to them that a re-vote would be ordered.

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