Friday, December 03, 2004


Alternate Routes to Everlasting Life

My Way News: "Dogs with paralyzed hind legs regained the ability to walk after getting a shot of a chemical cousin of antifreeze that helped repair nerve cells in their damaged spinal cords, scientists reported."

While I don't think it is an accident that we are hearing about alternate studies/discoveries to the oft-argued stem cell research, I am glad to see it. I don't know enough to have an educated opinion, but it did bother me that people acted like stem cells were the only way to keep humankind going, even though just a few years ago, Clinton wouldn't touch the issue or allow lines for study. The simplest and most practical answer to much of this is to be open to as much study as can get done by private monies, and allow Washington to play its political game with what they dole out. If stem cell research really is what will save us all from certain death, then rich folk all around the world will start pitching in. I am just sure of it.

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