Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Chalabi's Take - The Future Iraq Deserves: "Despite the lack of security in Iraq today, a democratic, pluralistic Iraq is the only acceptable outcome. Iraq's unity can be best secured through the involvement of all groups in the political process. The concerns being voiced by many in the international community, of the fear of Sunni marginalization and Shiite domination, were the same concerns that allowed Saddam to last as long as he did. Those arguments are reappearing today, to close the door of hope and opportunity for the Iraqi people. But Saddamism without Saddam is simply not an option."

What Chalabi seems to be saying here is that the arguments of those around the world against the Bush Administration are the same arguments that Saddamists used to keep power. I have been concerned for a long time that the anti-war folks seem to have a kinship of rhetoric with our enemy, and here Chalabi warns against it, and further states that, from his experience in Iraq, that the will of the people is democracy. If that is so, then let's stand behind the founders of this new nation.

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