Thursday, December 09, 2004


Editor Doing Himself No Favors With This One

Editor Backs Embed in Rumsfeld Incident, but Criticizes Aftermath: "'He is there to write stories, not make news himself,' Griscom said of Pitts. The editor added that the recipient of the e-mail, whom he would not identify, should not have passed it along. "

The editor does not seem to be mad that he set the questioner up to ask the question, complete with working it out behind the scenes with people who picked the curious Guardsmen, but is upset that it was broadcast via email. The email is how the news got out, but he made news himself by setting it up so that Rumsfeld would be caught off guard. I firmly believe that these soldiers should have every protection possible, but I also believe that Rumsfeld and others at the top are working hard to make that happen. Rumsfeld is no politician. He is a Defense Secretary, and to think he willy nilly puts people in his charge out to war is ludicrous. People who do not trust this Administration are going to distrust his loyalty to these troops regardless, but they do it at their own peril. I see it as wasted exasperation.

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