Tuesday, December 14, 2004



channelcincinnati.com - Family - Study Concludes Men Want Subordinate Women: "'Our results also provide further explanation for why males might attend to dominance-linked characteristics of women such as relative age or income, and why adult males typically prefer partners who are younger and make less money,' she said."

This is another study that I am glad to see, but did not need to in order to understand the desire for men to marry women who have the capacity for child rearing. This should be okay. This study may also legitimize women who are called "gold-diggers", as merely looking for men who may actually like them.
From a practical standpoint, it only makes sense that men want women who can have children and raise them. Similarly, women want men who can support them and the children. While many progessives think this is cro-magnon thought, it is partly just natural.
There are an awful lot of accomplished women out there who need to look at men who are just slightly more accomplished, instead of trying to force a relationship with someone who doesn't have the confidence to handle the relationship. Women, then need to understand a man's desire to have and rear children, and make conscious decisions on how or whether that fits into their vision of the future. There is nothing worse than hearing a woman mourn the loss of her identity, because she never got the time in her twenties, before her husband and children, to really define herself. Similarly, it seems, men should be more open to not having or rearing children if they find a woman who really wants a career.
Because we seem to be in a new era, with some new rules, we need to be aware of what the new rules are and how nature keeps some of the old rules around despite us.

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