Tuesday, December 28, 2004


In Bad Taste

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Sri Lanka rejects Israel rescuers: "The delegation - including 60 soldiers - had been due to set off on Tuesday to help after Sunday's tsunami disaster.
Instead, a smaller team will escort a convoy carrying emergency supplies, Israeli officials said.
Sri Lanka restored diplomatic ties with Israel in 2000, despite objections from the island's Muslim minority.
Neither side has officially explained the change of plan, although some reports say the objection came from Sri Lanka's military.
Sri Lanka Ambassador Diffa Digeratna is quoted by Jerusalem Post as saying that the change was due to the 'the lack of accommodations in Colombo'. "

If the decision to disallow their assistance had anything to do with religion or politics, it is in very bad taste. I would think with the sheer devastation that issues like these could be put aside in order to help those that need it. If I were there homeless and hungry, the last thing I would be thinking of is religious hatred and political argument. It would seem petty in the face of the need that is apparent. They should gracefully accept any help they can get from any kind-hearted sole that is extending a hand.

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