Thursday, December 02, 2004


Kerik, It Is

MSNBC - Bush to tap Kerik for security chief: "After leaving his position, Kerik joined Giuliani Partners, the former mayor�s consulting firm, which sent him to rebuild the civilian police force in Iraq, where he put together a force of 40,000 officers in Baghdad alone.
During the presidential election, Kerik was one of Bush�s most visible supporters, speaking graphically about conditions in Iraq under former President Saddam Hussein."

Bernie Kerik was of the handful of heroes I took with me after 9/11. He is tough, no-nonsense, yet practical about vulnerability, seemingly both on personal and professional levels. He has supported the war effort in a very hands-on way, more than I am capable of doing, and we can all appreciate that. Lastly, and least importantly, he is loyal, both to Rudy and to the President. He got this opportunity because he is uniquely qualified for it, but I recognize and appreciate his loyalty.

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