Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Kyl Gets it Right

WSJ.com - In Defense of Rumsfeld: "Much of the current criticism of Secretary Rumsfeld is centered on troop levels and armor for the troops. Sen. John McCain, for example, has long believed that the Iraq conflict required more troops from the outset, and he may be right. Reasonable people can disagree on this point. Secretary Rumsfeld made a decision to defer to what his commanders on the ground told him. That, too, is a perfectly logical decision. It should also be noted that troop levels were recently increased by 12,000, an increase Secretary Rumsfeld and his commanders agreed upon.
Now, Secretary Rumsfeld is being criticized for his honest response to a soldier in a town-hall meeting in Iraq regarding the shortage of armor for our troops in the field. The secretary responded that you go to war with what you've got, not what you hope to have in the future. But he added that you also adjust to circumstances; and he said he was informed by his generals that the up-armoring was occurring as fast as possible. That may not have been totally correct, because it appears the up-armoring of vehicles now has been speeded up. The question is whether it is fair to heap all the blame on Secretary Rumsfeld for what is, after all, a procurement responsibility of the services. Ironically, another criticism of Secretary Rumsfeld is that he micromanages too much. Critics can't have it both ways."

Oh boy! I love this column! Kyl reminds people that while it is okay to disagree on issue related to the Secretary, it is another to call for his resignation. This is especially true given the full measure of his work there. I would like to see the people who so publicly disagree with him try to lead an organization of 3.5 million people. Most people don't have the capacity to have one employee, and this guy has taken on the task of, not just leading this department, but to turn it around, make it more nimble and appropriate for the times. While there is no doubt that I am a supporter of Rummy's, it is not because of the way he combs his hair. This is a truly brilliant man who has given his life to serve the country. In a time that we are so good to recognize people for that, let's cheer him as well. He is also a man who did not just step into this job from off of the street. He has worked his way up, and has earned his place. The disagreements on how to conduct the war should continue in earnest, but calls for Rummy's resignation should cease.

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