Saturday, December 04, 2004


Leave Rudy Alone - Banking With Rudy: "But we hope Mr. Giuliani has also calculated the potential legal risks of such a high-profile financial venture. New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has positioned himself to be the Giuliani of this era by making capitalists a special target. The folks who want to see Mr. Giuliani run for President in four years don't want his bid spoiled by another ambitious prosecutor."

The WSJ seems to have forgotten that Rudy is one of the most popular, and more importantly, trusted men in America. I can assure doubters that all has been forgotten about the early prosecutorial days. When I hear his name, I envision him walking down the dusty street, telling people to put their masks on. It was the worst photo-op in history, and he was a genuinely good leader, the country's big brother in many ways. If Rudy decided to be a race car driver, a lobbyist, a Senator, we would root for him. He has earned the right with the vast majority of the public to do whatever he pleases.

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