Wednesday, December 01, 2004


More on Mo

Another of the topics from the Mo talk that has stuck with me through today was Mo’s discussion of embedded reporters. He mentioned that he liked the idea of embedded reporters, but wished that these reporters had more willingness to speak out against the troops and their decisions while traveling with them.
Given the life-or-death relationship that they, by nature, would form, doesn’t speaking out against the troops that are protecting your life defy nature and logic? I understand that he wants the reporters to speak ill of the war and of the troops, because that assists his philosophy, but the reporters are not there to provide fodder for our enemy, ala Kevin Sites/MSNBC/Mosque shooting. The reporters are there to shed a sliver of light on what we really do there, what war is really like, and to provide a response to our enemy’s distorted version of events. It would be ideal, under Mo’s theory, to have our reporters filing reports that Al Jazeera would like to run every five minutes. Thankfully, there just aren’t a lot of those types of stories to file. Again, I enjoyed listening to Mo, but he was just misguided on some of his beliefs.

Sometimes I wonder if folks like Mo would like to see Iraq fail just to make Bush look bad.
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