Sunday, December 05, 2004


Need to Better Define "Support Our Troops" - News - Ex-NFLer Tillman Died Unnecessarily In Combat, Newspaper Reports: "The paper's report claims that the information proves Tillman died unnecessarily after botched communications, a mistaken decision to split his platoon despite the objections of its leader, and negligent shooting by some Rangers.
The newspaper also reports that the army knew this shortly after Tillman's death, but didn't make it public.
It says Tillman fought bravely and honorably until his last breath, and Tillman's superiors exaggerated his actions to burnish is legend in public, and suppressed details that might tarnish his commanders."

What possible purpose could this story serve? While it is certainly unfortunate that he died by friendly fire (which we know is common in war), it seems mean to publicize this. His family should get to know the truth, on one hand, but may not want to know this truth. I suppose my reaction would be more approving if I knew that they were glad to have all of the facts, but it just feels like WaPo is exploiting his death to continue their pattern of smearing this President and our military. Remember, these journalists are the ones that say, "we don't support the war, but support the troops". This is one disgusting way to show your support.

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