Thursday, December 30, 2004


Poor David Feels 'Empty'

MSNBC -: "I appreciate that the 35 million our government is sending to Southeast Asia is just the beginning. And I'm confident the public and private contributions from the U.S. over the next few months will end up being a hundred times that.
But, the initial American government response to this disaster feels awfully empty. "

David Shuster wrote the above on HardBlogger. Interesting that this should feel so empty to him as an anti-war guy. How many millions of people did we just liberate while you found fault at every single move. Maybe, David, this feels empty because you have little grasp on what this country has done for freedom around the world over the last two years. Maybe this feels empty because you foster an inherent distrust of this Administration even as reason and practicality tells you not to. Maybe getting all of the facts first about the generosity of this nation, regardless of its president, would serve you well. Then you might not feel so 'empty'.

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