Friday, December 03, 2004


Putin's PR Offensive

Yahoo! News - Russia's Putin Calls U.S. Policy 'Dictatorial': "Russia's Putin Calls U.S. Policy 'Dictatorial'"

That's one way of playing PR offense, calling the US dictatorial when he knows that dictatorial was exactly how we were privately describing his actions with the Ukraine.

"Unilateralism increased risks that weapons of mass destruction might fall into the hands of terrorists, and would stoke regional conflicts, Putin said in a hard-hitting speech to an invited audience."

Gee, Vlad, isn't your country's old, unguarded stockpiles one of the world's greatest threats? While I would not suggest just dramatically calling Putin an enemy of democracy, thus the West, I would however, say that he is edging further and further away from western common values. The further he goes, the closer he gets to a new cold war. The U.S. cannot and will not accept a new communist rule in that part of the world after all that has been done to fight it over the last fifty years.
In fact, there was a comment made by someone accusing the CIA of being behind the Ukrainian protests. I thought to myself that the spooks really earned their money if they did get that together. It would renew my faith in that organization to know that they were pro-democracy and working purely in the interests of the United States. Recently, that agency has just seemed so distant from my definition of patriotism and values that I truly enjoyed the thought of them handling this crisis.
Anyway, the question now is, who is going to reign Putin in?

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