Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Republicans Next Big Hurdle: Beat Corzine

Yahoo! News - Corzine Says He'll Run for N.J. Governor: "Corzine Says He'll Run for N.J. Governor "

This is no real surprise given the way he ran for the camera and lights after the McGreevy story broke. He nearly broke a leg and ran over an old lady merely to make a comment on the affair. While he is popular and has a distinguished background, I certainly hope that New Jersy can round up a similarly popular Republican to help clean up that mess. The message that it would send to the corrupt polticians of that state would be good too. Not that all corrupt politicians are liberal, but just that New Jersey's most recent scandal was from a liberal who put a foreign lover in the Homeland Security post. High taxes and absurd levels of idiocy call for a common sense approach to a badly needed clean up.

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