Sunday, December 12, 2004


Scary - U.S. & World - Putin Ends Election of Governors in Russia: "President Vladimir Putin (search) signed a bill Sunday to end the election of governors by popular vote, while more than 1,000 opposition activists converged on Constitution Day to denounce what they called his increasingly authoritarian rule. "

While I am sure the powers that be have their eyes trained to this mess, our press seems to have little interest. As Scott Peterson gets hours and hours of air time for killing his wife, Putin is flying under the collective journalists' radar as he slowly and methodically changes Russia back to the USSR. Thank goodness we have a russian expert in Condi at the White House to help shape policy on this matter. Otherwise, I fear it could be much worse.

Found Putin's reasoning about this bill interesting:
"saying the reforms would enable better security"

Sounds like something that might have been said in Germany in the early 1930's....
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