Thursday, December 09, 2004


Using Kerik's Popularity and Success Against Him

MSNBC - Kerik made millions from agency contractor: "Taser International was one of many companies that received consulting advice from Kerik after he left his job as New York City police commissioner in 2001, when he was earning $150,500 a year. Kerik remains on Taser's board of directors, although the company and the White House said he planned to sever the relationship.
Partnering with former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and also operating independently, Kerik has had business arrangements with manufacturers of prescription drugs, computer software and bulletproof materials, as well as companies selling nuclear power, telephone service, insurance and security advice for Americans working abroad."

Presenting this with a tone of smug gotcha does not make what he was doing improper. In fact, what company would not want his expertise in getting government contracts? Or are they just trying to soil his name by saying that he made millions? To many, that is enough. The hatred of success runs deep in many circles. If he really does have a sleazy past, run a story on it, but do not try to slime him with his own success.

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