Thursday, December 02, 2004


What a Great Article

Jonah Goldberg on Religion on National Review Online: "Meanwhile, I have little reluctance mentioning my depth of religious activities. Religion strikes me as public, belief private. Indeed, when I recently admitted � not for the first time � to being 'not very religious' (perhaps I should have said 'not very observant') I was inundated with e-mail from folks wanting to quiz me on my most private theological beliefs. Since I brought up the matter of religion, they saw no reason for me to get coy about God. "

He covers so many great points. First, he says that people forget how private religion is, and that people are ridiculously nosey about it. I admit that I am nosey about that too. I have now been warned. He brilliantly reminds all of us, that while we may be a bit squeamish about broad public displays of religion, we certainly wouldn't want a religion-less society. He also calls out the upper-crust obsession with "spirituality", which is most liberals way of getting out of church, while still seeming like they prescribe to a normal set of values/morals. It's practical and smart. Read it.

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