Friday, January 07, 2005


How China's Human Rights Abuses Don't Catch Our Eye - U.S. & World - China to Outlaw Gender Selective Abortions: "Currently, there are family planning laws that ban selective abortion, but Xinhua said criminalizing the act would make it more of a deterrent. The report did not specify how offenders would be punished."

What this piece fails to mention is that offenders means women, and that forced sterilizations and government supported forced abortions are commonplace according to women who are able to get out of the country. I think if the whole story were able to be told, Americans, men and women alike, would be disturbed at the human rights abusues going on in that country day after day. Unfortunately, they have been successful in generating goods for the US as well as a young upper middle class to purchase US goods which tends to make the US government turn a blind eye to these matters.

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