Friday, January 14, 2005


Sour Kraut' Asks the Right Questions

Rather Biased ( "Did Mapes and Rather devote a fraction of the resources they gave this story to a real scandal, such as the oil-for-food scandal at the United Nations, or contrary partisan political charges, such as those brought by the Swift boat vets against John Kerry? On the United Nations, no interest. On Kerry, what CBS did do was ad hominem investigative stories on the Swift boat veterans themselves, rather than an examination of the charges. Do you perceive a direction to these inclinations? "

The left's obsession with this being an apoliotical incident should be questioned, and Krauty is right on with it here. Why not the biggest scandal of all time? Why not the charges of the Swifty's? Very clearly not those things because it was idealogical quicksand amongst their friends and colleagues.

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