Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Eyewitness to UN Abuse in Sierra Leone

The U.N., Preying on the Weak (washingtonpost.com): "After the 2002 report documented sexual abuse, Annan's steely resolve led to exactly zero criminal prosecutions of U.N. officials for sexual abuse. I expect little difference now that refugee camp conditions have returned to the headlines. As before, Annan has delivered vague statements but prosecuted no one. It appears that the status quo reigns and that those perpetrating all sorts of abuses in refugee camps may continue undisturbed. The United Nations is a vital institution that needs a housecleaning."

A must read!! This is a sad, sick account of abuses that have not been prosecuted. Even if this is an exaggeration, it is still a problem at a scale that should gain the attention of anyone who cares about human rights. Can we really allow career bureaucrats like Annan to get away with taking advantage of the world's weakest people to maintain power? Let's also make clear that I would feel no differently if he had supported the war effort. I would still question his capacity to lead the UN and his ethics. These are absolutely huge crimes that have been alleged under his leadership all over the globe. It should also be said that him merely resigning is not enough either. That would still leave this organization full of people who are accustomed to bent rules and sleazy behavior. It would seem that we all need to welcome a reckoning for this world body. That way we will all feel comfortable that we are not funding monetary and human rights abuses from sea to shing sea.

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