Tuesday, April 12, 2005


My Dear Hitchy Hitch Not Mincing Words

On Not Mourning the Pope - Thoughts over the grave of John Paul II. By Christopher´┐ŻHitchens: "They are and were admissions that the Roman Catholic Church has been responsible for the retarding of human development on a colossal scale."

He always has something to say. Not only that, but much of the time, it is brilliant. This time it may just be big. When I read the above, my eyes widened. I am not sure I agree, though I am not ready to disagree yet either, but it is a huge statement. On the one hand, he is non-religious, so many will dismiss that statement based solely this lack of belief. On the other, this very Pope and his aides asked Hitch to speak against the beatification ( I think that was the subject of the hearing.) of Mother Teresa. His opposition was implicitly given credence by the very people he faults. That gives him credibility. Additionally, he has met many of the players he references. We all understand the difference between reading what the publicist puts out and drinking tea with the person, sharing eye contact, etc. Lastly, the man is a genius. That certainly does make all of his opinions right, but it means that we should read, digest and discuss what he says as he may just have insight we do not.

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