Monday, May 30, 2005


One More Example of Strategy Only Being Admired When it is Your Own

The McCain mutiny - The Washington Times: Commentary - May 30, 2005: " If nothing else, Mr. McCain undermined Mr. Frist's authority as Senate majority leader and made himself the media's favorite Republican. Regardless of whether that can be cashed in for a presidential nomination, Mr. McCain has raised his stock and lowered that of Mr. Frist. He is in a position to rule or ruin. "

Sowell doesn't like people who fail to tow the party line with them like a very large anchor. McCain has done what partisans hate. He has furthered his broad appeal. What we could all see in that press conference was that it would appeal to the greater American population than anything the rest of the Republican party could do. Compromise is what most of us like, because most of us Americans see that as the only way for anything of value to happen up there in Washington. Many of us also fear any one party gaining too much power, so this was a sign that no one powerful party would do any major harm while there. Harm is still possible, but this slowed those hubris-filled politicians down. This strategy, whether it was in preparation for a Presidential campaign or just an act of conscience, was wise strategy. Don't, however, expect to hear any applause from this move's opponents, because we only like strategy when it is our own.

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