Saturday, May 21, 2005


Should You Have to be Willing to Get Violently Ill to be a Real Catholic? - Weekend Live - Weekend Topics: May 21 & 22: "Should a young girl's first communion be declared invalid because she cannot consume communion wafers made of wheat? Eight-year-old Haley Waldman has celiac disease, a condition that makes her gluten intolerant, which means ingesting wheat will make her sick. The Catholic Church won't budge on allowing the host to be made of anything other than wheat."

Further proof that the religious do not always have its parishioners well-being in mind. Here is a little girl that wants nothing more than to do her First Communion, a rite-of-passage for many children. The problem is that a protein found in the communion wafer causes her to have sharp stomach pains, troubled evacuations, weakness, and even malnutrition. The Church says it will not recognize her rice-based wafer communion, because wheat was divinely chosen as the eucharist. (I hope I conveyed that correctly.) So, here is this young girl that wants nothing more than to be a part of a Church, that has essentially told her that she has to be willing to get violently ill to really be a member. Remember that this is a Church who protected pedophile priests, and allowed them to continue to work with children. Now, however, they won't let this little girl take communion, because God won't recognize rice wafers. Isn't that a sin?

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