Friday, May 27, 2005


Tom Cruise is Not a Doctor - Irresistible Headlines - Tom Cruise On Mission To Get Kids Off Meds: "Cruise said because of his dyslexia, doctors in the 1970s wanted to put him on medication but his mother refused.
Instead, Cruise sought alternative methods of helping him with his disorder, including Study Tech learning at the Church of Scientology."

He is blessed in so many ways, but an insight on health is unlikely at best. He was lucky enough to overcome his issues with religion and an attentive family, but sometimes, from my experience, it takes more to overcome chemical imbalances. His crusade may not be in vain. There well may be a problem of prescribing these medicines too much. To suggest, however, that we should fight against medicating our kids misses the fact that these medicines serve a very important purpose for people. Recently Larry King had on stars who have suffered from depression. They talked of how these medicines were essentially life savers. They were wise to remind that these medicines are not as they are sarcastically described, happy pills. These familiar faces reinforced that the medicines kept them from feeling suicidal, crying without a trigger, and from behaving badly with the people they loved. These drugs merely gave them the ability to cope. The rest, it seemed, was up to them. That has been consistent with the experience of others that have been open about their troubles. For people that don't have such extreme experiences, they should thank their lucky stars, not encourage others that it is dangerous or bad. That, itself, might be dangerous. Of the many things that I would encourage people to ignore from the very dramatic Cruise, this might just be the most important. Enjoy his movies, listen to your doctor.

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